Saved by the badge?

Racing drivers, rally drivers, police traffic officers..........they're all excellent drivers, trained to the highest standard and able to drive in the toughest of situations at high speed with fast reflexes. So, why do they crash?  They crash because they are human, and humans will always make mistakes.

You could train your drivers for weeks but, being human, they still have the capacity to fail to cope.  After all, a road traffic collision is "a rare, random, multi-factor event in which one of more road users fails to cope with their environment".

So our advice doesn't just focus on the driver, we look at your fleet too.  We all aspire to premium cars, and many fleets are happy to provide them, due to their comfort and status. But a premium badge will not save your life, it will not prevent you from being involved in a collision.  

Given that humans will always make mistakes, we would advise that you look at vehicles with as much standard safety equipment as possible. For example, if all the vehicles in Europe were fitted with autonomous braking, it is estimated that up to 5,000 lives would be saved each year.  Switching your car choice from A to B could cost you nothing and reduce your risk considerably.

Would you like to make your fleet safer?


Get in touch for our help and guidance on changing car choice, making certain features compulsory or for a generally safer approach to managing your fleet.

This video shows how an automatic braking system works on the road.  Do you consider ordering systems like this when you set your car policy?

Fleetcraft acknowledges that collision avoidance systems are available on a number of vehicles from several manufacturers.  This video was chosen as a result of its clear explanation of the system.

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