Our approach

OK, so you decide to carry out a risk assessment and then spend a fortune on a whole range of training.  But when you look at the results, you realise your vehicle damage rate is the same as before.  

Not only do you have to explain this to your colleagues, but you also have to show how you're going to continuously develop over the next 3-5 years.  Throwing more money at it is not the answer.

This is how we suggest you start to deal with your road risks.

Step one

Everyone needs to be on board with this from the top of your organisation down. All staff need to understand the risks, and how addressing them can actually be a wholly positive process for the company.  We are happy to brief your board members or provide you with the tools to do it.

Step two

Look at the company travel provision as a whole, and highlight the main areas.  Do you have a driver policy document, a driver handbook or information on your intranet?  If not, we can help you.

Step three

Identify who are your highest risk drivers, those who are at real risk of damage, injury or worse.

Step four

Look at the measures you can put in place to reduce these risks, choose the most appropriate to implement, and monitor the results.  

Step five

Positive results from step four will give you confidence to introduce further measures amongst your staff and fleet, but remember, even if you don't have any budget to spend on this, you can still reduce risk and we can still help you.

We are happy to prepare a risk management plan for your company or to review the one you already have - just send it over or get in touch, and we'll help you.

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